Outreach Link Building – Google OK within limits

Getting a link for a website is not an easy task as google does not like any link building method. Outreach Link Building if done within limits then it will really help your website to rank high in Google SERP.

Mohammed mehdi abbas (on 9 minutes 25 seconds) asked to John Mueller about link exchanges and natural links ?

Google’s John Mueller says that link exchanges are against our webmaster guidelines and mentioned that outreach link building is okay as long as certain lines were not crossed.

John Mueller did not use the words link building or outreach.

        John Mueller commented on outreach for link building:

“That’s essentially the idea behind kind of natural linking.

From our point of view it’s fine to contact people and tell them it’s like by the way, I have this great content and… maybe it’s something that you would appreciate for your website.

That’s generally fine.”

John Mueller comments on how outreach link building can go bad:

“But anything beyond that where you’re saying like, well… you must link to me like this or you must pay me money or I will pay you money for this link or I will exchange something for this link…

That’s all something that from our point of view would make this an unnatural link.

So providing it to people and promoting it and saying like here’s great content and they link to you that’s perfectly fine.

Um… providing it and saying like I will do an exchange if you give me a link, that’s something we would consider unnatural.”


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