Free Web Directories 2022 – General Free Paid Web Directories

Web directories are as old as search engines like google, yahoo, bing but their importance shrinks with time as google became very strict particularly with link building as people are spamming the directories with no value links but still few web directories exist which you can consider for your link building campaign especially if you are new in the business.

Most of the web directories are free but for fast and sure inclusion you can select the paid option

Free  Web Directories ( with Paid Option )

with Paid Option

URLDomain AuthorityDate : Last Checked
Entireweb.com53December 2021
Viesearch.com45December 2021
Somuch.com35December 2021
Jayde.com38December 2021
alistdirectory.com31December 2021
A1webdirectory31December 2021
1websdirectory.com30December 2021
Tsection.com30December 2021
9sites.net31December 2021
w3catalog27December 2021

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