How to check link quality of a backlink giving website

There are many ways for getting links to a website but how will you decide its quality, its authority, its trust factor whether you should go ahead with the backlink giving website or not. It will take hardly 10-15 minutes to determine the quality of a backlink.

You can check the backlink providing website trustworthiness on various parameters :

  1. Domain Quality: Check whether the domain is penalized by Google or not?
  2. Google cache : Check the google cache of a website:
  3. Check by how much time its content is updated
  4. Check its domain authority, alexa traffic rank, domain rating etc.
  5. Is there is any real communication on website by checking its comment section
  6. Think about long term whether the website will exist in future or not ?
  7. Check if the website is related to your niche or not ?
  8. Social media score
  9. Link Location
  10. Anchor text

Let’s discuss these above-mentioned backlink quality parameters in detail :





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