The Value of Links is declining in Google’s Search Ranking Algorithms


An employee of Google responded to a query concerning backlinks and rankings in an SEO office hours video, mentioning the surprising fact that backlinks have less influence as a ranking indication than it did in the past. A user ask : “Why does Google keep using backlinks as a ranking factor if link building campaigns … Read more

Guest Post Marketplace – Guide, Comparison


What is Guest Post Marketplace ? Guest Post Marketplace is a platform where people can buy and sell guest posts.It is a site that lists thousands of websites that accept guest posts. It enables you to effectively grow your audience by creating high quality content and links.You can find thousands of websites offering their guest post … Read more

Active Blog directories to submit your blog 2022 – Free & Paid

Blog directories are still very relevant in 2022 as compared to web directories because content in the blogs changes dynamically as compared to static content in websites. I think still there is less spam in blog directories in contrast to web directories. Top qualities of a good blog directory you should consider while submitting your … Read more

USA Web Directories- Free Paid Web Directories


If your business is based in the USA and you are new in the business then you can consider submitting your site to  USA based web directories which will help in enhancing your website authority and boost your website traffic. Here you will find the most active USA based web directories. Each directory is manually … Read more

Free Web Directories 2022 – General Free Paid Web Directories

Web directories are as old as search engines like google, yahoo, bing but their importance shrinks with time as google became very strict particularly with link building as people are spamming the directories with no value links but still few web directories exist which you can consider for your link building campaign especially if you … Read more