Guest Post Marketplace – Guide, Comparison

What is Guest Post Marketplace ?

Guest Post Marketplace is a platform where people can buy and sell guest posts.It is a site that lists thousands of websites that accept guest posts. It enables you to effectively grow your audience by creating high quality content and links.You can find thousands of websites offering their guest post services via these marketplaces all over the world. The key challenge here is to decide which website to choose depending on various metrics.

Guest Post Marketplace is used by  :

Advertisers –

On some websites , they are tagged as Marketers or Buyers. Advertisers are those people who are searching for guest posts based on their niche and metrics like DA, DR etc.

Publishers –

These are bloggers who charge advertisers a fixed money by publishing their guest post. As a Publisher you have to create an account to sign up for the Guest Post Marketplace. Once you are signed up, you will be able to choose from several categories like business, finance, health and fitness, technology and many more. Then, you simply fill out all the details about your site and submit it.

Now Let’s Check Various Guest Post marketplaces 

Fiverr :

Founder – Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger.

Founded in  –  2010

HeadQuarter – Israel

Minimum Price – $6 to $10

Fiverr is a good marketplace for guest posts where people offering various guest post services as freelancers. The platform also offers a variety of services, including writing, graphic design, photography, video editing and marketing.

You will find the guest  posting services under the digital marketing (online marketing) category like :

You can choose gigs according to your requirements like niche,  Organic Visitors, Domain Authority, Domain Rating. Before Ordering the Gig ,you can ask the publishers in chat section to share the site data, how it is performing in google and anything you want to clear.

You can also refine your search in Service Options, Seller Details, Budget and Delivery time.

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Adsy :

Founder – Darlene Florrie

Founded in  –  1997

HeadQuarter – United States

With Adsy, you can be sure of a quick and worry-free experience when buying or selling guest posts. Thanks to its user-friendly platform, you’ll easily find the right post for your project in seconds. Its marketplace also comes with an array of powerful filters that makes it easy to search and sort through the collection with great precision. And if you’re looking to sell posts, Adsy is your go-to place as it provides reliable payment solutions and plenty of options for monetizing your content.

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Founder – Srikar Srinivasula

Founded in  –  2020

HeadQuarter – India

Outreachz is a marketplace where you can buy or sell high-quality guest posts.With OutreachZ, you can manage all aspects of your off-site SEO with ease. Make use of the hundreds of publishers with they have worked to establish rapport over the years. You can focus on ranking #1 for your target keywords to increase sales while they handle the tedious task of prospecting and blogger outreach.

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Founder – Not Found

Founded in  –  2019

HeadQuarter – Hyderabad, India is a Premium Guest Post and Blogger Outreach service developed by a dedicated but small team of developers and marketing experts. You can find thousands of credible bloggers writing about different topics all in one place. It is the simplest way to get natural, white-hat in-content links, which may improve your search engine results and drive more visitors to your site from other sources. They have increased traffic for over 1200 companies and provided bloggers with a new source of income without lowering standards.

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Founder – Harshal Shah, Het Balar

Founded in  –  2020

HeadQuarter – United States

Using their platform makes it straightforward and quick to solve the issues associated with guest posting. There were many wins and disappointments along the way to the current version of this platform, which took over 15 years to develop. No matter if you’re seeking to purchase or sell guest posts, they have thousands of websites with high-quality backlinks that are optimised for search engines.

Founder – Rajesh Jhamb

Founded in  –  2022

HeadQuarter – India

Looking for a great way to get your articles published on some of the best blogs and websites out there? Look no further than OutreachMantra! A decent marketplace that connects writers with publications who are looking for high-quality content.With OutreachMantra, you can submit your articles to a wide range of publications in just a few clicks. Plus, our platform makes it easy to track your submissions and see which publications have accepted your articles.


Founder – Amit Iluz

Founded in  –  2018

HeadQuarter – United States

Using Accessily, purchasing guest articles is simple. Simply sign up, and you’ll have instant access to powerful yet simple SEO automation tools. They compiled a list of blogs and websites that allow guest articles. You now have access to relevant information, as each guest post opportunity includes high-quality SEO analytics.After your content has been published, you may utilise a backlinks tracker to monitor your SEO progress.


Founder – Daniel Goldman

Founded in  –  2020

HeadQuarter –  Dublin, Ireland

Natvisor satisfies your requirements by facilitating communication between advertising and the most authoritative news websites.Natvisor helps companies reach their target audience by providing them the opportunity to guest post on prominent news websites. They provide clients  access to high-quality content from well-known outlets, enabling them to broaden their reach and make lasting connections with potential customers.

Blog Management 

Founder – Mashum Mollah

Founded in  – 2021

HeadQuarter – Kolkata, India

If you’re a publisher, blogger, or website owner, Blog Management can help you make money off of your writing. To put it another way, the platform facilitates their ability to generate substantial income from the publication of Guest Posts on their respective websites. Publishers receive consistent orders for their best work, and they are paid immediately upon submitting the Live URL. Over the course of the past two years, Blog Management has dispersed over $1,000,000 in compensation to 3,500+ Publishers.

Guest Post Now 

Founder – Not Found

Founded in  – Not Found

HeadQuarter – Not Found

GuestPostNow is a simple Guest Post Marketplace that allows publishers to find and pay for high-quality guest posts.

Buy Sell Guest Post

Founder – Not Found

Founded in  – Not Found

HeadQuarter – Not Found

Buy-Sell Guest Post is a marketplace for guest posts exclusively, with no requirements for the number of guest posts required or other SEO indicators. Moreover, the characteristics of the homepage, as well as any other prerequisites, are not assessed.

Reasons You’d Like to Use the Guest Posts Marketplace?

Increase in Organic Traffic : Guest posts are an excellent way to increase organic traffic and sales. But they can be a bit tricky to get right.

Time Saving – The guest posting marketplace is the place where you can find multiple guest posts from different people that are relevant for your niche. This can save you a lot of time which you utilize for other efforts.

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